Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GVM Upgrade?
A GVM upgrade changes all suspension components of the vehicle to allow it to carry heavier loads.
How do you find out the weight of your vehicle? How do you know if you need a GVM upgrade?
The best way to find out what your vehicle weighs is to get it weighed at a weigh station. We have a relationship with Weigh Station 0419 516 237. Once the vehicle is weighed you will receive a printout that shows if you are over your vehicle OE GVM.
Does a GVM upgrade increase the towing capacity?
No. A GVM upgrade increases what the vehicle can carry. To increase the towing capacity, you will need a Braked Towing Upgrade which is available for selected vehicles only.
What is the difference between Pre-registration and Post-registration?
Pre-registration or Federal compliance means the GVM upgrade has been fitted before registration, it is recognised across all states & territories in Australia. It is also transferred with the sale of the vehicle in another state.

Post-registration or State compliance means the GVM has been fitted after the vehicle is registered and requires engineer sign off for compliance. Although it is recognised across all states & territories in Australia it is not transferable with the sale of the vehicle in another state. Additional engineering may be required to be compliant in that state.

What happens to the vehicle when fitting a GVM upgrade?
We replace front coils and shocks, rear leafs/coils, struts, shackles, pins, bushes with the new upgraded kits. A wheel alignment is carried out on the vehicle. Engineering certification is carried out if required and Second Stage Manufacturing (SSM) or Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) label is applied to the vehicle.

Please Note: kits don’t come with Upper control arms or strut top hats, which may be required.

How long do you need the vehicle for?
It only takes a day to fit the GVM kit and wheel alignment.

Federal compliance can take up to 7 business days for the SSM label to arrive and affix to the vehicle. The vehicle is then ready for registration by the Car Dealership.

State Compliance: Our Engineer visits every 3 weeks; inspection takes approximately half an hour. It takes approximately 5 business days for the VASS label to arrive. Our staff will require the vehicle to affix the label and send photographic evidence to the engineer, who will issue a VicRoads (VASS) Certificate. The customer is required to present the certificate to VicRoads within 28 days. The GVM is then complete.